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jaiksana Jackson Jambu J, is a Journalism student with passion for community work. He works as an independent cyber-activist, campaigning for access to internet while educating the mass on the advantages of the media industry in aiding faster communication and delivery of information to an enormous audience.

He Previously  worked as a registrar and field manager at End-time Driving school, handling responsibilities such as improving products quality and services for their customers by using innovative analytic, upright design tools, generating and preserving models and on-boarding appealing new adverts.

He tweets @JambuJack, His full profile is here on Linkedin


founders - CDCjklSebit Martin,

martin a skillful self-motivated young man given to hard work with sound judgment and great work experiences with several educational fields and institutions. He was a high profile secondary school teacher who taught in about five schools in the country since 2007.

He is also an author of an outstanding CRE book that is widely used by both teachers and students in South Sudan

Martin is an outstanding facilitator, instructor, author, blogger, hacker and an entrepreneur. He completed his high school from Uganda and is a diploma holder in social works and social administration (SWASA) He is currently pursuing his degree and serves and serves as the executive director community development Centre ( CDC) South Sudan

barnaBarnabas Samuel, Is, a profound public figure and role model, famous for his public evangelistic gatherings, He is the writer and author of ‘Jesus My Savior And Example’ & ‘An Interview with Don Carl and Judy Barbara’ A book on communication and communication skills in marriage. He is a co-founder of the Bible Truth Sowers ministry, a speaker, blogger, innovator and entrepreneur. Barnabas is an arm to the community and a friend to children and young people with vast experiences, knowledge and skills that makes him a technical asset to the success of any business or program. He tweets agile quotes at@NabasSamuel


dukuDuku Luka, is a graduate of Business Administration with majors (project planning and Grant and management) in the year 2013. He immediately joined the field of training people in the area of business and entrepreneurship which made him established a retail business to put theory in to practice. Duku is also a proposal writer, currently working to establish SOUTH SUDAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (SSIM)



Peace Feni, is a Bugema University graduate with Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counseling, She completed her high school from the Nile Union Academy Cairo and was awarded Egypt American High School Diploma. Peace, was once working as a field practicum with African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture victims Kampala, Uganda


icebauhaus-logoSuzan Akita Manaseh, is a business Administration graduate in the field of Finance with vast experiences in Audit and Finance and posses an excellent record of achievements across 3 years of her work experience. She has broad accounting and auditing knowledge base with proven expertise in driving efficiency and productivity through conducting individual Internal Audits and evaluation of financial management systems

 002Emmanuel Bida, a second year student of  Business Administration at Kampala University is a trustworthy, transparent  and  approachable  young  man. He completed his O-level from a recognized high school in Uganda. Bida is a speaker and a business strategist

mercy KidenMercy Kiden Taban, Is  currently a student hoping to study environmental science at Westminster College, Fulton. She previously studied her International Baccalaureate at Mahindra United World College (India), She completed her primary and secondary education in Nairobi, Kenya. She hope to use her experiences from all over to help improve the situation in her country, South Sudan. Mercy loves partaking in community development projects that aim to improve the situation of South Sudan. Kiden blogs about south sudan perspectives though not frequent, she is working for more consistence.
She can be reached at : kidenmercy909@gmail.com  @mercykiden