Challenging Everything-

A collection of tools or resources that can enable kids to use, manage and exchange information & hands-on skills lurks behind in south Sudan. A dare situation where it takes a person up to upper primary or secondary school level to finally grasp a clear insight about electricity connection, computer, art, Digital knowledge and others. The CDC aims to educate young people on the best uses of the above and create a community of resourceful Kids – who can play with Leds & dry cells and light a compound.


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The #KidsHackBox will  feature wondrous open source Arduino , Raspberry PiMakey Makeyand other devices projects – Yei


investing in environment-


Agriculture is by far the most important single economic sector in south Sudan and employs the majority of the population. One of the causes of poverty is the under-utilization of agricultural potential. Due to the country’s wide range of agro-ecological zones with different farming system, CDC chose Yei River county for a pilot project to integrate tree crops into the farming system.


The overall objective of this project is to increase the use of tree potential among Small-scale farmers.‪#‎GoCDC